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Earth Day 2023 Earth Day 2023
Earth Day 2023
After three years of COVID, we are emerging from multiple crises: global pandemic, economic downturn and mass inflation, and a crisis of racial inequality. Earth Day 2023: Justice in Focus seeks to put justice and Earth in the same conversation, removing the silos of environment, human social systems, and political ecology. The University of Michigan, led by the Tishman Center for Social Justice and the Environment at the School for Environment and Sustainability, will bring forth a critical dialogue with emerging and powerful leaders on the frontlines. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from local and national leaders on the inner workings of organizations, solutions, and leadership that emerged through the pandemic.
New Times, Dynamic Leadership

Locally and nationally over the last few years, we were put to the challenge, navigating COVID, racism, and economic crises in the age of climate catastrophe. Leaders all over the nation were asked to step up. Communities historically disinvested struggled to get basic resources while federal and state resources were lagging behind. And yet, we can only imagine more crises unfolding as climate change unfolds.

New times, dynamic leadership asks emerging leaders how they used skills, resources, and social networks to navigate the complex challenges before us. What have we learned through the pandemic? What is needed amidst what’s been called the largest Civil Rights movement in the United States? How must we transform our systems to meet these challenges as climate catastrophe unfolds?

Maria Lopez-Nunez
Deputy Director of Advocacy and Organizing
Ironbound Community Corporation

Anthony Rogers-Wrigth
Director of Environmental Justice
New York Lawyers for the Public Interest

isaac sevier
Founder and Co-director
People's Utility Commons

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