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Presented By: DCMB Seminar Series

DCMB / CCMB Weekly Seminar featuring Jeff Vierstra, PhD

High-resolution mapping of the human regulatory genome structure and function


Transcription regulatory regions harbor the majority of human disease-associated sequence variants. However, our understanding of the impact of regulatory DNA variation is severely limited by the difficulty of precisely assigning the functional contribution of individual nucleotides to phenotypic outcomes. My talk will focus of on my groups efforts to systematically map human regulatory DNA and make use naturally occurring human genetic variation across large cohorts of distinct individuals and cell-types to gain mechanistic insights into regulatory DNA function.

Short Bio:

My group focuses on the development of both experimental and computation approaches better understand the structural and functional architecture of genome-encoded regulatory programs and building tools to manipulate the non-coding genome for therapeutic purposes. Major areas of my ongoing research include (i) development of both molecular and computation tools for the per-nucleotide mapping of the structure and function within individual regulatory elements, (ii) defining the link between human regulatory genetic variation and trait variation to gain mechanistic insights into how genes are normally regulated and disregulated in disease, and (iii) characterizing and decoding regulatory DNA elements that encode cell-identity and differentiation programs. I obtained my BSc in Genetics and Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin, and my PhD at the University of Washington-Seattle. In 2006, I became one of the founding investigators at the non-profit Altius Institute of Biomedical Sciences located in Seattle, WA.

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