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Presented By: Semester in Detroit

Detroiters Speak - (Re) Discovering Detroit: From Oppenago to Wawiatanong to Detroit

Moderators - Lolita Hernandez and Melba Boyd; Speakers - Ogichidaakwe Mona Stonefish, Todd Duncan, Orlin Jones, Dave Goldberg

Det Speaks Flyer Det Speaks Flyer
Det Speaks Flyer
In the first of two historical sessions, our moderators (Lolita Hernandez and Melba Boyd) and speakers (Ogichidaakwe Mona Stonefish, Todd Duncan, Orlin Jones, Dave Goldberg) will help lay important background for the entire course. Oppenago and Wawiatanong are Native American words used by different tribes to describe the area that became known as "Detroit" in 1701. An important part of this first session will focus on the Native perspective, including methods that were used to displace Native populations for the benefit of early white settlers. Other areas that will be covered include the great black migrations to Detroit, industrialization, and how/why the labor movement has such an important place in Detroit's history.

More about this week's speakers:

Ogichidaakwe Mona Stonefish (Endangered Species-Potawatomi of the Three Fires Confederacy, Mohawk of the Haudenosaunee)

Todd Duncan (Teaching Faculty, WSU English Department and Department of African American Studies.)

Orlin Jones (Retired General Motors foreman and the President of the Conant Gardens Property Owners Association.)

Dave Goldberg (Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Wayne State University)

Free bus transportation via the MDetroit Connector Bus will be provided for this class. The Bus (Indian Trails) will depart the Central Campus Transit Center at 5:40pm, and stop directly outside of the Cass Corridor Commons right around 7pm. At the end of the class (no later than 9pm), the Bus will depart the Cass Commons Corridor and return to the Central Campus Transit Center by no later than 10pm.
Wifi is available on the bus.
Det Speaks Flyer Det Speaks Flyer
Det Speaks Flyer

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