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Evolution of & in Ecological Networks

One Day Symposium

Event poster featuring classification and pollination cycle of bees Event poster featuring classification and pollination cycle of bees

8:30-9:00 am Coffee and Introductions

9:00-9:55 am ROBERT HOLT - University of Florida "On the interplay of niche conservatism, evolutionary rescue, and trophic interactions: Edging towards networks"
9:55-10:50 am ANNA KUPARINNEN - University of Jyvãskylã "Harvest-driven evolution in aquatic food webs"

11:05-12:00 pm MIGUEL FORTUNA - University of Zurich "Coevolutionary dynamics shape the structure of bacteria-phage infection networks"

1:00-1:55 pm ELISA THÉBAULT - Sorbonne Université (IEES) & CNRS "The structure and dynamics of mutualistic and antagonistic networks"
1:55-2:50 pm BERRY BROSI - Emory University "Stability in ecological networks: guilds and interactions between topological and quantitative structure"

3:05-4:00pm JUDITH BRONSTEIN - University of Arizona "What constitutes "mutualism" within mutualistic networks?"

For abstracts and biosketches please click the "ABSTRACTS AND BIOSKETCHES" link below.

Fernanda Valdovinos - Complex Systems, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Luis Zaman - Complex Systems

Registration Link Below. Lunch Registration closes Tuesday, September 25 at 10am.
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When and Where

Map Weiser Hall - 10th Floor

September 2018

8:30am - 4:00pm

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