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Presented By: WeListen Staff

Healthcare: A WeListen Staff Discussion

Healthcare Flyer Healthcare Flyer
Healthcare Flyer
This WeListen session is open to all UM staff members. All voices and views are welcome and lunch will be provided!

RSVP here:

We will discuss Healthcare by learning about policies put forth by the Democratic and Republican parties, and examining systems in other countries. We'll also consider the impact of lobbyists on prescription drug costs, and discuss plans and terminology being used by 2020 presidential candidates.

Our aim is to bring liberals, conservatives, libertarians- everyone across the political spectrum- together for constructive conversation. The goal of WeListen discussions is not to debate or argue, but to understand the views and values of others and to learn from their perspectives. The session will begin with a brief content presentation to provide a basic understanding of the topic. No specific level of knowledge is required to participate in WeListen discussions.

By participating in WeListen sessions, staff members will:
- Expand understanding of a prominent political topic
- Practice discussing difficult topics with others,
- Gain openness to new ideas and perspectives,
- Learn to productively challenge an idea, and
- Form a sense of community among fellow staff members.

Questions? Email us at

This event is supported by the WeListen Staff Series planning committee with members from the Ginsberg Center, the International Institute and LSA Psychology.
Healthcare Flyer Healthcare Flyer
Healthcare Flyer

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