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Leinweber Center for Theoretical Physics pres.

HET Seminar | Physics potential of high energy muon collider

Zhen Liu (University of Minnesota)

Seminar Link :

Momentum has been accumulating to consider high energy muon collider as a future high energy collider possibility, especially on the US soil. Muon collider has unique physics cases, both as a Higgs factory as well as a high energy lepton collider. In this talk, I will review the overall physics pictures for muon colliders and discuss these unique physics cases. In particular, I will show a recent study where we rethink about WIMP DM and their testability at colliders. We show that through the new signature and channels proposed by us, we can draw some conclusive statements about WIMP DM, which can serve as a physics driver case for high energy muon colliders.

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