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Presented By: Leinweber Center for Theoretical Physics

HET Seminar | A Model of Couplings

Jonathan Heckman (UPenn)

Seminar link:

String theory predicts that the couplings of Nature descend from dynamical fields. All known string-motivated particle physics models also come with a wide range of possible extra sectors. It is common to posit that such moduli are frozen to a background value, and that extra sectors can be nearly completely decoupled. In this talk we show that performing a partial trace over all sectors other than the visible sector generically puts the visible sector in a mixed state, with coupling constants drawn from a quantum statistical ensemble. An observable consequence of this entanglement between visible and extra sectors is that the reported values of couplings will appear to have an irreducible variance. There is a consequent interplay between energy range and precision of an experiment that allows an extended reach for new physics.

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