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Presented By: Saturday Morning Physics

Saturday Morning Physics | Fluid Instabilities: Stars, Bars, and Fusion

Carolyn Kuranz, Associate Professor (U-M Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences and Applied Physics)

Figure Credit: Adrianna Angulo Figure Credit: Adrianna Angulo
Figure Credit: Adrianna Angulo
Fluids are constantly mixing in our everyday lives. Some examples are oil and vinegar or coffee and cream. While we often don't think too much about how these fluids mix, they can have profound consequences in material ejecta in the Universe, fusion energy, and at your local pub. This talk will give a fundamental description of fluid mixing, discuss examples found in nature and engineering, and describe the effects mixing can have.

This talk will be live in ROOMS 170 & 182 Weiser Hall. You can also watch the talk/Q&A, live, on YouTube:

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