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What Ifs of Jewish History

Gavriel Rosenfeld, Fairfield University, in conversation with Devi Mays and Jeff Veidlinger, University of Michigan

What if the Jews of Spain had not been expelled in 1492? What if Adolf Hitler had been assassinated in 1939? What if a Jewish state had been...

Yiddish and Trauma Studies

Frankel Institute Fellows: Harriet Murav and Hannah Pollin-Galay and Guest Scholar: Ann Cvetkovich, Carleton University

Trauma studies is an interdisciplinary field exploring not only the psychological effects of traumatic experiences, but also the problem of...

Global Yiddish Networks

Frankel Institute Fellows: Dov-Ber Kerler, Amy Kerner, Eli Rosenblatt, and Nick Underwood and Guest Scholar: Kathryn Hellerstein, University of Pennsylvania

While it originated in Central and Eastern Europe, Yiddish has traveled throughout the world. Centers of Yiddish cultural activity have...

The Prophet as a ‘Sacred Spring'

Christiane Gruber, Professor and Chair in the History of Art Department at the University of Michigan

Along with the Prophet’s relics, verbal icons of Muhammad known as hilyes count among the most popular forms of devotional art during the...